Summer trainings

The summer season runs from the end of March to the end of October, during the winter we organize a different training.

All trainings during the summer period will start from the the parking space at the Boerderijweg across from the Cubicus, in front of the main stairs. The starting times of the trainings change throughout the season, depending on the time of sunset.

Meeting location

Rules during the trainings

The rules for riding in a group during our training are all described in this. Please read this through carefully, you may be asked if you read it at the start of your first training. The main points in the document are as follows: it is mandatory to wear a helmet, always have an ID-card and/or insurance-card with you, bring enough food and drinks with you.

During the training, we often ride in a group. To make sure this way of riding is done safely, you need to take some points in consideration. First, make sure your bike is in a good condition. Next, make sure that you follow the general Dutch traffic rules and our riding in a group rules and signals. The signals can be read in the document linked above.

Lastly, we advise you to wear cycling trousers. The shammy will make sure that you ride way comfier!

No bike? No problem! Klein Verzet has multiple rent bikes available (both road and MTB bikes). If you would like to rent a bike, for during a training or just to try out, please contact the board ..

Monday: Tour training

Every Monday, the Tour commission make a route of about 50-60 kilometer through “het Twentse landschap”. We will ride this route in groups of maximum 14 members, usually riding with a speed of about 30 km/h, taking into account if someone cannot keep up.

To assure that you can nicely attend this training, you should be able to ride 50 kilometers within 2 hours by yourself. Next, having experience riding is a group is a plus. Riding in a group is sufficiently different than riding on your own. Do you not yet have the level and/or experience as described above? Join our beginner introduction trainings in September or March. Do you want to start sooner? Please contact us to see what is possible.

Tuesday: Race training

On Tuesday, it is the turn for the fast members of our associations. During this training, they will prepare themselves to ride races. Therefore the pace and skills of the attendees of this training is high. To keep it this way, this training is a closed training. This means that you can only attend this training after permission given by one of our trainers. She/he will give permission when she/he thinks you have enough power and skills to be able to successfully attend a Tuesday training.

Are you not yet a member and do you want to attend a Tuesday trainer as introduction training? Please contact the board and let us know why you should be able to attend a Tuesday training (for example by indicating what KNWU races you attended). It may happen that you are asked to first attend a Thursday training, such that we can make an indication of your abilities.

Wednesday: MTB training

With a group of enthusiastic MTB riders led by the MTB commissary, we decimate the tracks around Enschede. This training suits every MTB, cyclocross or road rider who would like to ride on narrow paths, do some nice turns and sometimes evade a tree. The training will suit all levels of riders, and we will wait after every part of single track. We often go to het Rutbeek, Het Hulsbeek and the singletracks of Haaksbergen. The track at the latter was updated last year, and now has some technical climbing and descending, some wooden obstacles, rock-gardens and more.

Thursday: Intermediate training

The intermediate training is meant for all members who want to get better and improve their technique on the bike. This training is given by two trainers, who say what we are going to do and who will give you tips during the training. Different training elements are used, such as echelon riding or time trails. This can be intensive intervals, and therefore this training is more intensive than the tour training. However, when you can (easily) attend the tour training, you should be able to successfully join the intermediate training.