4People detaches technical professionals at leading organizations in Engineering and Construction, Infrastructure & Environment. We are active nation-wide in four offices: Den Bosch, Rotterdam, Groningen and in the headquarters in Hengelo.

We are partners for technical professionals at a MBO+, HBO, WO and PhD-level that are looking for a challenging workplace for either longer times or for shorter periods. As an employer, 4People offers the possibility to either on a permanent or on a temporary basis work on projects. Or, if wanted, you can start to work at our client.

The personal ambitions and development of our professionals are the central focus. With this personal way of working 4People allows for the right career choices and are we the right partner in every phase of your career, from an ambitious starter to a senior professional.

Sparkling Projects is a specialized engineering firm in industrial refrigeration and heat pumps. Heat pumps are the centre of the energy transition to make steam and boilers more sustainable, and industrial refrigeration accounts for 15% of the industrial usage of power. The customer base varies from fishermen and fruit growers to chemical businesses, logistics, retail and the food industry.

Sparkling Projects is innovative, creative, energetic and fair. Over the years, we grew steadily with 10% per year and we are always open to people that want to operate in industrial energy technology. Sparkling Projects is established in Apeldoorn.

Er zijn op dit moment 2 vacatures beschikbaar bij Sparkling Projects:

Subsidie adviseur – Als subsidie adviseur bij Sparkling Projects begeleid je klanten van begin tot eind bij subsidietrajecten. Het gaat hierbij vooral om subsidies voor grote investeringsprojecten in technische installaties. Je houdt je onder andere bezig met het aanvragen van de subsidies en het onderhouden van klantcontacten, en je schakelt collega’s in voor het complexere rekenwerk. Geïnteresseerd? Zie: https://www.sparklingprojects.nl/vacatures/subsidie-adviseur.

Adviseur elektrotechniek / zon-PV – Als adviseur elektrotechniek / zon-PV bij Sparkling Projects zorg je voor de integratie van zon-PV en andere installaties met de bestaande energie-infrastructuur. Hiermee lever je een bijdrage aan het verduurzamen van de industriële bebouwde omgeving. Bij onze klanten gaat het veelal om industriële koelinstallaties, zware productieprocessen en warmtepompen. Geïnteresseerd? Zie: https://www.sparklingprojects.nl/vacatures/adviseur-elektrotechniek-zon-pv

Once you enter bicycle shop Ten Tusscher  you enter a world full of high-quality bikes, excellent product-knowledge and outstanding service. In the special shop in shop, the eye catchers of the store are Cannondale, Specialized and Trek. Next to the bikes, you also find all accessories, parts and clothes of these brands. Of course, you can also find a number of other special brands, like Cipollini, Opencycle, Idworks, Gaastra and Brompton.

In the store, there are In Store Concepts of all big brands such as Cannondale, Trek and Specialized. A huge product range with the best bikes are ready for you to try out. Of course, our colleagues are ready to give all the ins and outs about all we have to offer.

Ten Tusscher means quality and service. There are no weird questions and we always strive to get the most out of your bike. Not only do we have a large collection of bikes, we also have a very wide product range in accessories, clothes and other belongings.

KempiWheels builds all kinds of tailormade wheels, for road racing bikes, mountainbikes, gravelbikes, touring bikes. Next to that, you can contact KempiWheels with maintenance/repair tasks for all wheel sets.

Factory wheels are often as light as possible, which is not necessarily optimal for the rider. Dissatisfied by this, Arnout from KempiWheels started to build wheels himself. A tailormade wheel set can be dimensionalized exactly as you want it. With the right combination of hub, rim and the type/number of spokes, you get a wheel set that perfectly matches your wishes and budget.