Are you interested in joining a committee at Klein Verzet? Get in touch with the specific committee or ask the board.(contactform).


A few times a year Klein Verzet is behind the bar in the Sports Centre. During such a day, members make sure that visitors of the Sports Centre get their cup of coffee, tea, soda, beer or a meal. The bar commissioner makes sure that the schedule is filled, that members know what to do and that the shirts are clean.


Klein Verzet does more than organizing trainings over the week. Cycling weekends are also scheduled over the year, for example during Ascension weekend we go to the Vosges. Next to that, there are activities that are not cycling related, such as other holidays and activities like dinners. The event commission makes sure that the activities get organized.

GOW committee

Together with the Tubanters from Hengelo, Klein Verzet organizes a cross-competition at the Campus of the UT. This cyclo-cross race is part of the GOW competition. Often after this, the UTK cyclo-cross competition is done at the same course. Both are organized by the committee.

Kas committee

The kas committee supports and checks the treasurer of Klein Verzet. The members of the committee are always ready to deliver asked and spontaneous advice. Next to that, the committee checks whether the accountancy is in order.


The MTB-commissioner organizes the weekly mountainbike trainings through the Twente region.

PR committee

The PR committee caters for the articles on the website, the club magazine “het Verzetje”, flyers, posters and communication via other ways. The committee makes sure that people write pieces of text for the website and “het Verzetje” and write texts themselves. They combine the texts into a magazine and distribute it.

Technical committee

This committee helps members of Klein Verzet with technical failures of their bikes. Members can ask for help, but the committee also organizes four repairing evenings at Klein Verzet’s room at the Campus. The committee also manages the room and the bikes for rent.

Touring committee

Twente is a beautiful region to cycle through by bike. The committee therefore organizes touring trainings through the beautiful landscape. Next to that, the committee organizes a diverse range of tours, such as the pancake tour and the ice farms tour.

Race committee

The race committee guides the fast men’s and women’s riders of Klein Verzet. The committee makes sure that the competing riders know when games are organized and organize the UTK racing, the UTK timetrial and the Student Cup themselves.