On Sunday morning you could already feel the rain in the air and wetness on the ground as we, a group of 11 cyclist, gathered. Rain jackets on, overshoes over our shoes and winter gloves on our hands. We were prepared for the winter weather.

The month of December is not one of the traditional cycling months. In the summer months you have rides in warm, dry weather in which you can easily ride long distances. The best summer rides will be memorable for the freedom during the ride, where you visit all the amazing places that you wanted and how beautiful it can be outside with plants at their best. December rides usually don’t have beautiful sunshine and warm temperatures. They often consist of wet roads, cold toes, and wind in your face. But that does not make the rides any less memorable or fulfilling.

On Sunday morning we not only gathered to ride, but we had a special destination. A reward at the end of our ride. A place where we could regain the energy we would lose to the cold. A place where warme erwtensoep would be waiting for us: cafeteria Sprakel in Lonneker.

The ride was good. Even though it was definitely wet we didn’t experience heavy rain and due to the size of the group we’re mostly sheltered from the wind. It’s funny how the weather can influence you distance perception. At a certain point I’d thought we’re nearly at the end of the ride, while in reality we were just halfway. Luckily the rest of the ride went smoothly, apart from my toes getting cold at the end of the ride. But this harshness makes the effort so much more rewarding, and makes the erwtensoep taste even better. Of course the erwtensoep came with roggebrood en spek, while the vega riders got a delicious pumpkin soup. After the soup came the worst part: having to get back in your wet clothes and cycle home. Luckily another tread would be waiting for everyone there: a hot shower and clean clothes.
This has definitely been a winter ride to remember.