Update 18 May: we are allowed to ride on the public road again. Therefore the "normal" summer trainings have started again. The corona trainings are therefore not needed anymore.

On March 3th, the regulations regarding sports in teams eased. For us it is not yet allowed to ride on the public groups in a group, so different sports accommodations are resorted, namely the course of OWC in Oldenzaal and the UTrack. For each training, it is mandatory to sign up using a registration form sent among members. When the regulations change again, updates will be given in as soon as possible.

Want to become a member from Klein Verzet? Please contact the board. They will look into the possibility of joining a corona-training.

Kracht en conditietraining

Each Monday from 19:00 until 20:00 a strength and Condition training is given at the UTrack. This training is similar to normal Strength and Condition training in winter. In different smaller groups, multiple strength and condition exercises are done.

MTB training

Each Wednesday from 18:00 until 19:30 a MTB training is given.This training is open for all who want to upgrade their (MTB) skills. It is not yet allowed to ride on the routes around Enschede, therefore different locations are found. Various skills, such as doing turns and controlling the bike, are practiced

Road training

Each Sunday from 12.30 until 14.00 a road training is given at the cycling track in Oldenzaal. This training will be a mix of intermediate and race training. The participants will be split up into different groups, based on level.